Appreciation on the Roger Dubuis RDDBEX0416

Maybe I have focused on the wristwatch so often, and every day on the BBS i see a lot of watches showing their watches, cheap or expensive, I am happy for you as i am also a person who loves watches so much, especially loves the Rolex Daytona so much. I can feel that kind of mood, just like when I was a child and I got a long-awaited toy, and fondle admiringly, and more eager to share with friends together, which is not about the price. Men is like this, let alone a woman.

Here i will share the Roger Dubuis watches for you, firstly i will simply introduce the info about the brand. The Swiss watchmaker brand Roger dubuis slowly in recent years at China are familiar with the watches fans, and it has a very loud and clear reputation, and it is the only one brand whose all movement is engraved the brand signature of Geneva. This means that for the Roger dubuis movement, at least you don’t have to worry about all the main substrate have burnished.

The first watch is Roger dubuis Excalibur 36 series wrist watch (RDDBEX0416), Excalibur series has three branches, respectively are Excalibur advanced watchmaking series, Excalibur 42 series and Excalibur 36 series. Advanced watchmaking is Flying tourbillon and part of Excalibur limited big size wrist watch series, the remaining two are the size of 42 and 36.

The watch is made with rose gold, and the wrist watch is paved with elegant diamonds, total weight more than 11 carat brilliant-cut diamond, Brilliant – cut, known as the most fire flicker and cutting way. The most common round brilliant cutting diamonds has 58 sections, and among which one table-board, eight kites, 16 small waist, 16 waist under surface, the bottom of the eight main facets, as well as an optional underside. Each diamond is selected by gem experts, to ensure the delicate degree.

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