Choice on the Sporty Diving Watches

Today’s society, people more and more are paying attention to sports, especially outdoor sports. And sporty wrist watch as one of the major category of the watches, has a great market potential. Especially young people, whose demand for sports is very huge. There are many kinds of watches on the market, but strictly speaking, there is nothing can compete with diving watches on the sports performance. Almost only diving watches have the requirements that the sports watch should have. For example, qualitative light, durable, not afraid of perspiration, etc. In the process of sports, choosing an appropriate wrist watch not only brings you a professional sports experience, also can have unexpected fun at the same time. Following we are to see classic sports diving watches.

IWC AQUATIMER is also one of the classic among all the diving watches, since its launching in the year of 1967, it created so many success. It has equipped with the creative design rotating inner bezel. And in the year of 1982, it also launched the IWC AQUATIMER watch whose waterproof depth can reach 200 bars, and in 1999, it launched the GST Deep One which can test the depth of water. In 2014, it launched the branded new AQUATIMER watches which features the inner and outer clutch diving bezel. IWC AQUATIMER can be described with the words of various changes, and every change brings new look for the series. The 2014 new IWC AQUATIMER is version that broke through the tradition, and its inner and outer clutch diving bezel, not only has high play ability, but also its practicability is strong, the palm of your hand don’t have to leave in diving bezel, and you can rotate it repeatedly, and inner bezel is only in conjunction with the outer bezel counterclockwise. If you don’t understand, I recommended himself to fit the operation.

In addition to the IWC AQUATIMER watch, the Rolex Submariner also is the diving watches queen, which is favorable among the watch fans who are enjoying the diving sports in the sea.

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