How do I make my choice-For ladies

I think Replica Rolex will first come to your mind when we talk about watches? Why? That’ s simple. Here we are not going to dive into its movements, the reason is that every of them are tested by the market for ten years. Besides, Replica Rolex has its own style (not copy others’) and every product has clear product orientation, including it dress watch. Since them have the same style, then we do not need to struggle with them.

Well, there is an exception, lady’s watch. Most of lady’s watches belongs to Datejust series. Comparing man’s watch, most lady’s watches are similar but still have some colorful types, which make it harder or choose. Looking through Replica Rolex lady’s watches, Size, I think, is the crucial element that influence our choice at the first glance of a watch. Every lady’s watch from different series has different size.

The Oyster Perpetual Lady (26 mm)
Among lady’s watches, the minimum size is 26 mm which appear in two series, namely, the Oyster Perpetual ladies and Datejust ladies. Let’s now have a look at the Oyster Perpetual. The Oyster Perpetual is the basic type and there is no Date in Oyster Perpetual ladies and only offer two case made of different materials: Stainless steel case and stainless steel with white gold bezel. As it is the basic type of Replica Rolex, not enough both in its function and ornamentation, it is fitted with a 2231 movement and maintains a low price.

Datejust Lady(26mm)
Datejust ladies offers more choices and abundant in materials, ranging from stainless steel to 24k gold setting with diamonds. Design in dial and time scales are different and also have a great difference in price. Datejust is equipped with 2235 movement and jumping hour can be seen on it.

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