Luxury Replica Watch – Patek Philippe

Masterpiece of Time and Technology
Bestowing the watch with “real time” is way to express its value, and designers seems to never mean on doing that, as a watch, from design to mass production, takes 5 years. So far, Patek Philippe is the only one among luxury replica watches in the world that choose manual making, and is capable of finishing the whole process by its own. It sticks to the tradition, so Patek Philippe integrates designers, watch-makers, bracelet masters, engravers, etc into the whole process to build a watch. Patek Philippe believe that watch from masters’ hands should be cherished as the treasure and that’s what make Patek Philippe proud of.

Patek Philippe Ref.5207 is not satisfied with its perpetual calendar and then changes with a date aperture that could be used to displayed date. It changes the original way of displaying date with a hand, which may bring severe tests to its movement. For a watch brand like Patek Philippe, it is completely capable of making such a watch with calendar, but it also has its problem as it won’t be easy to get rid of traditional design and elevate it to a higher level.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5960/1A steel edition has steel case, looking quite cool. The classic appearance and big case make it quite a sport watch. The silver dial has arresting red elements and white and black color. The date aperture is displayed by the red color, which looks different. In addition, the number on date aperture is displayed in the black number with white background. Week and month are set at left and right side of the dial, and such a design makes the watch look like casual style. This is the first and quite a rare steel watches with complications, and it has at least 45 hours of energy reserve.

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