Replica Panerai Radiomir Watches

Panerai recently hung a big bracket clock in the concept store – the world’s largest one opened in Singapore as, and this clock showed the Panerai wrist watches unique “sandwiches sandwich type” structure watch dial: two identical dials with Super – LumiNova luminous coating layer to display the pointer and the digital scale. Sandwich construction can make the luminous materials place in the groove of this Panerai watch dial. The watch dial using the sandwich structure is made up of two overlapping round disks. Below the round disk there placed a large amount of luminous materials, the light transmits out from the corresponding hollow-out hour mark and the numbers above the disc. As a result, a large number of luminescent materials having great light can interpret by such design, fully presents illegible performance to a great extent. Even in extremely dark environment under the water, it also can ensure the dial scale be clearly readable.

In the official website of the Panerai, there listed three patents that Panerai be proud of- the first one is the British patent GB191512270 that is corresponding to Radiomir luminous technology. The main leader Guido Panerai of the Panerai at that time developed the Panerai Radiomir luminous technology and applied for a patent on August 25, 1915.

Why is this technique called Radiomir, the reason is that the radioactive luminescent material it uses is the radium. All the compounds of Radium have radioactivity. The nature of the radium is not stable, probably will decay in 1600 years to become the radon, because of continuous decay, it will send a light blue light itself. Production in the 1930 s of the first generation of Panerai Radiomir Ref. 3646, also because adopted the “California dial” custom-made by Rolex, then it was also known as the “Rolex Panerai”.

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