Rolex Daytona Ceramic Watches

Rolex first application in ceramics, is again an innovation on technology for the Rolex brand, in the traditional craft combined with ceramic concept to design watch, bold innovative workmanship brings desire to many enthusiasts!

Since Rolex used the Cerachrom watch bezel in the lady watches in 2015 for the first time, the manufacture is widely using it in the GMT II watches, Submariner watches and Deepsea watches. when compared with the electroplating aluminum or stainless steel bezel design, high-tech ceramic watch bezel with higher hardness can prevent surface scratch and wear, and resistant to erosion and keep shine forever. So rolex applies this material on the production of the Rolex Daytona, and also on the watch ring inscribed velocimeter, and rose gold plating on the bezel at the same time, to make the number easy to read, and make the watch have high quality.

In addition, Ref. 116515 ln also applies the rolex characteristic of 18 k eternal rose gold material. Before the quartz watch revolutionary, actually rose gold application ratio was not high, until the past 20 years, rose gold just gradually widely was used. But rose gold material, slowly lose their color and brightness with the baptism of time and environment, and the chemical composition of frequent contacts in life, is easier to make rose gold fade. In order to solve this problem, so the rolex creates new 18 k eternal rose Gold material (Everose Gold), by adding a certain proportion of platinum, to let rose gold can maintain the bright colour and lustre. And the clasp, pointer and time buttons fully use the exclusive patent rose gold, after long-term wearing, it also can ensure the beautiful appearance.

Rolex ceramic applied in the rolex Daytona wrist watch for the first time makes so many people love the concept of this new watch, and brings the successful man different feeling and experience!

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